What does OPHCS stand for and how is it pronounced?

OPHCS stands for the Ohio Public Health Communication System and its phonetic pronunciation is <Ō-FĬSS>.

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What are the minimum specifications to use OPHCS?

We recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows (8.0 or newer), Mozilla Firefox for Mac or PC (3.5 or newer), Apple Safari for Mac or PC (5.0 or newer) or Google Chrome for Mac or PC (16.0 or newer) with JavaScript enabled and pop-up blocker turned off to use this site. Please see your browser's help file for more information.

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What if I am unable to log-in to OPHCS using an icon and/or shortcut directly from my desktop?

It is possible that you are trying to incorrectly log-in using a cached (previous and/or dated) version of OPHCS and not the appropriate URL, which should be https://ophcs.odh.ohio.gov. Please make sure you do not have anything listed after the .gov portion of the web address.

To correct this issue, please create a favorite within one of the recommended browsers immediately after logging on to OPHCS by clicking on the Favorite menu and click on Add Favorite. Give it a name (i.e. OPHCS) and click on OK. Click on the Favorites menu again and right click on your new favorite for OPHCS and click on the fourth option down “send to desktop (create shortcut).” This will create a properly functioning desktop shortcut on your PC. Please remember to delete any other shortcuts and/or icons for OPHCS.

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User Profile

What if I have an extension at work?

OPHCS is capable of dialing phone extensions to deliver alert messages so simply enter the extension after the number when completing your personal profile information. EX. 610-555-5555 x231

This will only work if the call goes to an automated attendant and not a receptionist or call center.

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Does OPHCS make me change my password or PIN (Personal Identification Number) regularly?

OPHCS does require a password change every 60 days.

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What if I am going on vacation?

If you do not want to be contacted during vacation, it is recommended to delete phone contact numbers in your profile so that you won’t receive any alerts via phone call. Add the phone numbers back to your profile once you return from vacation to receive phone alerts. Leave your Work Email in your profile when on vacation to continue to receive alerts via email.

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What if I’m in more than 1 role?

No Problem. OPHCS always knows that you’re just one user and the system will only try to contact you 1 set of times (set = 3 calls at each telephone device if the alert goes unconfirmed). Once the alert is confirmed through any method, it halts the additional phone alerts.

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Why can’t I press any key to continue and listen to the alert message from my voicemail?

Please realize that when you hear this message on your voicemail, it is only a recording and you cannot actually interact with the OPHCS system at that point. Accessing the information another way would be necessary.

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How do I know when I’ve confirmed an alert?

Follow the instructions in the alert to confirm the alert and you will receive a message that says, “Your response has been accepted. Thank you.”

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Why am I receiving an alert message by phone after I’ve already confirmed by e-mail or on the site?

If you confirm receipt of an alert quickly after the alert has been sent to you, you may still receive one phone call from OPHCS because it queues the first set of calls very much like a printer queues print jobs. If you print a document and cancel it midway, you’re still going to get some output. You do not however have to re-confirm if you’ve already confirmed by another method.

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Why am I not receiving alerts via email?

The email utility you are using may have a spam filter active on your mail account. Changing this setting to allow emails from @odh.ohio.gov will alleviate this issue.

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How do I sign up for OPHCS Training?

You can sign up for training by going to http://oh.train.org.

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What type of help can my local OPHCS Coordinator provide?

Some examples of items which your local OPHCS Coordinator can resolve include:

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What types of issues require ODH intervention?

Some examples of items include the following:

For these issues, contact OPHCS.Support@odh.ohio.gov, or the Office of Management Information Systems (OMIS) Help Desk at HelpStar@odh.ohio.gov or 614-752-5190.

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